Lipiflow For Dry Eyes

LipiFlow®—The only FDA-approved treatment procedure that opens and clears oil glands, allowing them to regain production of the oils needed for healthy tears.

One 12-minute treatment can offer relief for up to three years.


What Is Lipiflow?

Lipiflow is a revolutionary new technology from Tear Science and Johnson & Johnson Vision, that uses heated massage of the eyelids to eliminate blockages in the meibomian glands. The Lipiflow procedure sends constant soft pressure in pulses over the 12-minute treatment program. These pulses use heat to break down the clogged glands. Once the glands are unclogged, oil will reach the eye and prevent tears from drying out too quickly.


Our Dry Eye Doctor Can Help!

Our Optometrist, Dr. Dirk Massie, has invested heavily in the absolute latest and most effective treatment options for Dry Eyes. The lipiflow is a highly specialized equipment that allows amazing results for patients with chronic dry eyes due to MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction).

Our Optometrist will use different testing methods such as the InflammaDry rapid testing and Lipiscan imaging with Meibography to have an accurate understanding of the reasons for your symptoms. If our eye doctor attributes your symptoms to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, he may advise you to undergo treatment with the Lipiflow to clear out the blockages in your meibomian glands.

While MGD may be one of the causes of your symptoms, in many cases there are multiple reasons for your condition, in which case Lipiflow may be combined with one or more of the following treatment options.

  • Finding the right brand and formulation of artificial tears or prescription eye drops (oil or water-based).
  • Prescribing Steroid Eye Drops, Antibiotics or Lubricant Inserts.
  • Inserting Punctal Plugs—to plug the tear drainage ducts and keep the tear film intact on the surface of the eye.
  • At home warm compress therapy such as Bruder eye mask or D.E.R.M.
  • Medication such as Restasis and Xiidra.
  • Changing contact lenses to either daily disposables or scleral lenses.
  • Comprehensive guidance on how to live your life in order to minimize discomforts, such as supplements and removing environmental irritants such as dry heat in your home and smoke.

Common Questions About Lipiflow®

Is Lipiflow® Covered By Insurance?

Lipiflow® is not covered by medical or vision insurance at this time.


How Long Do the Effects of Treatment Last?

While Lipiflow® is not a cure, patients will generally require follow-up treatments from 1.5-3 years after the initial treatment. However, patients with more aggressive cases of MGD may require follow up treatments more regularly.


Is Lipiflow® Painful?

Lipiflow is generally considered a painless procedure, however, every person is different and some people may experience redness and even slight swelling immediately following the procedure. If the irritation does not go away within 24 hours, please call our office to discuss your symptoms.